Grow Your Business
With Easy Pay

Easy Pay helps the local retail stores to adopt technology
solutions that helps them to manage their business in an easy,
efficient and effective manner.

Easy Pay is a trusted partner for local retail stores of small size

Easy Pay is a trusted partner for local retail stores of small size that sell a range of identical products such as groceries, vegetables and assorted packed items at the front counter, plus a variety of canned foods, snacks, ice creams, biscuits and soda on the shelves.

Our vision is to help support and train the local community of retail stores to compete with the modern retail chains with the help of technology / business solutions and become trusted champions within their neighbourhood.




Our Vision

To enable every small retailer to compete with retail giants and e-commerce, aided by technology, without compromising on their unique offering and hence become trusted champions within their neighbourhood.


Our Mission

To preserve the entrepreneurial spirit of Indian retailer by enabling them with ease of technology and equip them to compete with global retail giants.

Our Objective

To provide state-of-the-art technology solutions specific to the kirana stores enabling them to cater to a wide variety of customer

To provide extended service portfolio to the local kiranas and help them in getting additional footfalls, additional sources of revenue and cross selling opportunities

To help local kiranas to effectively manage their business operations such as sourcing, hyper-local delivery, getting price advantage, track inventory, data analytics, and much more.

Our Philosophy

The most deserving are the least recognised! India's second largest employer is the unorganised retail sector. However, it is also the most under-rated one in terms of appreciation and attention.

The independent retail segment has kept the spirit of Indian entrepreneurship kicking and alive. Not just creating jobs, like other businesses do, the retail sector creates job creators. They in turn continue to create more jobs and so on. This unique model, which boosts entrepreneurship without any government funding and support, is foundation of the pyramid on which the Indian economy stands.

Since the last few years, the unorganised retail industry is facing a serious challenge from the e-commerce marketplace, dominated by foreign players. Keeping retail alive is necessary to keep entrepreneurship alive and economy in good health in India.

Rewards & Recognitions

  • Best Software Company

  • 2018

    Best ICT Initiative in
    MSME Gujarat

  • Best Payments
    Industry Newcomers

  • 2016

    Award and

  • Best ICT Start-Up
    by GESIA

  • 2016

    ISO/IEC 27001

  • ISO 9001:2015